SFR: revelations of a successor Android TV decoder Evolution

The formal presentation this morning for the TV with Google Play was an opportunity to get some revelations about the successor to its evolution decoder.

The renewal of the TV decoder Evolution approach. Launched under the name neufbox Developments in November 2010, he was 3 of his 4 years of assumed service. SFR would have actually chosen a four-year development cycle, as we said this morning Guillaume Boutin, great marketing manager public operator, adding, “We will launch many interesting things these next 18 months.”

Just this morning, the Executive Director Frank Cadoret group and if it were glowing in respect of Android on their new “TV decoder with Google Play,” being assumed that an extra product, they we put a flea in the ear.

The Google Play decoder foreshadow the future of Evolution decoder

When asked about the obviously superior performance of the new decoder with respect to high-end decoder Evolution, both SFR’s representatives have not resisted the urge to confess that the newcomer was only “an experiment”, ” the first step to a next box “. He added: “One can imagine that Android will go beyond the second decoder.”

“The new box SFR is there? “Do we then asked, referring to the new box Google. “Sure,” then replied Frank Cadoret, beyond the control of the operator of communicating. Faced with the reluctance of the latter, a colleague has raised, “I am far from the truth? “What the executive director replied:” No “.

In other words the “SFR TV decoder with Google Play” is a life-size test, and the ISP is already actively preparing a successor to the decoder otherwise Evolution based on the Android platform TV (formerly called Google TV), at least on Android. By adopting one or the other and thus facilitating the development of all kinds of converged services, SFR will enhance its attractiveness and therefore, and that is the sinews of war, its revenues.

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