SFR Radio on demand: a portal for live radio and catch

SFR has announced the launch of a portal dedicated to the radio box on its Internet offerings.

SFR enriches its offer of radio and complete its catch-up TV services (catch-up TV) by a catch-up radio service. The Internet service provider and claims to be the first operator to provide live radio, podcasts and video podcasts on the same radio portal.

To do this, the ISP has partnered with the Commedia publisher to offer its box COMFM the portal. Available today on channel 148, regardless of supply and the equipment of the subscriber (ADSL or fiber, or 4 neufbox neufbox Evolution), it presents an interface similar to that of video on demand services .

The homepage puts forward some popular programs available catch (podcasts). Different sections serve firstly access to “more than 300 radio stations” broadcast live (starting with the national radio), second in many programs offline in the form of audio or video podcasts. Some radios as Europe 1, RTL or NRJ also have their own portals on channels 941, 942 and 945.

The service “Radio on demand” SFR is now available. A reboot of the TV decoder is required to enjoy.