SFR: general rise in prices of existing Internet subscriptions

The ISP and operator SFR – Numericable is a lot of attention early this year, but not necessarily the right way. After the transformation of a pay TV option obligation, and a small blunder in the notification process of these contractual changes, it is ultimately the majority of Internet subscriptions that will increase, as well as many “costs of additional services” but telephone calls.

SFR there will therefore not with the back of the spoon. After imposing the “TV on smartphone, tablet and PC” mandatory at 1 € for guests enjoying an offer dual play, it is now the vast majority of Internet subscribers who will have to go to the checkout. The optional TV Evolution from 3 to 5 €, the option Classic TV from 2 € to 5 €! Anyone with a triple play offer (except fiber customers since 11/18/2014, Google Play and Sat TV customers) will therefore receive an email notification between February 26 and March 26, for a bet up of the new billing as of April 1 (this is unfortunately not a joke). Here is an example of the famous email.

Note the total absence of clear explanation of the price increase is via an article NextInpact we understood. Because SFR merely a vague “The massive and necessary investments to deploy very high speed, improve service quality and enrich the TV content offered by the new portal lead us indeed to see our prices. “.

The price is changing due to the TV option, for up to € 39.99 per month in unbundled areas. This price includes € 29.99 monthly access, and two 5 € for the TV option and unlimited calls to mobiles. The same price as the offer fiber SFR.

But that’s not all, SFR informs in his email that the fee guide also changes. If prices do not move, the number of titles in the list of one-off services inflates him significantly. That’s what it says after the little asterisk.

“As of 1 April 2015, additional benefits costs rose

deposit for payments outside debit: 100 €

disconnect fee for unpaid: 50 €

number change fee: 25 €

HDD unlock: 15 € per

Technician travel costs: 60 €

Internal repair service fee: € 99

building connection fees: 60 €.

We also inform customers who have made offers box before date of 19/03/2013, the bills will now be paid within eight days instead of two weeks from the date of invoice. ”

Finally, customers do not have the “unlimited calling” have or will receive another email which they gladly pass, informing them of rising prices of many.

The linking for international calls going from 0.12 € to 0.27 €, per minute to US and Canadian fixed passes of 0.05 € to 0.77 €, it goes to Switzerland 0.08 € 0.35 €, etc. Franco-French call them also undergo changes: a slight decline on national landlines (0.03 € 0.025 €) but a general increase to mobile 0.03 and € 0.19 (off-peak / hour full) 0.07 and 0.25 €. Brief mail SFR undertakes to adopt the option 5 € / month, it is not for nothing.

Left what changes (in the SFR mail), right current conditions

As much bad news that are also many potential reasons to cancel subscriptions. Each letter is indeed accompanied by the words of Article L121-84 of the Consumer Code, recalling that any change in the contractual conditions by the provider gives the opportunity to the consumer to withdraw without penalty within a period of four months after the entry into force of the new conditions.

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