SFR as it passes its fiber 1 Gb / s but its boasts sized network

Of tit for tat: SFR has announced the generalization of 1 Gb / s on its fiber network, just hours after the Free did the same.

Just like this morning Free, SFR benefits from the announcement of the national launch VDSL2 to announce that it carries the maximum speed of its fiber offers 1 Gbps. Most eligible customers to the fiber at 300 Mb / s can now benefit from 1 Gb / s downstream and 200 Mb / s upload.

New subscribers automatically benefit if eligible, existing subscribers must expressly make the request on their online client area, in 1023 or in SFR space. In all cases the operation is no extra charge and requires no new equipment.

Contacted by us, SFR wishes to recall that it is the first to have proposed to the fiber to 1 gigabit per second, in the form of a pilot launched in June, and he has this title back. The operator claims to have a dimensioned network, both downstream and upstream of its optical connection nodes (NRO).

A “tiny fraction” of those who are entitled to 300 Mb / s would not have immediate access to 1 Gb / s, in the same proportions as in the transition from 100 to 300, according to the operator, or roughly 10 %.