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It is written to you once a day. Or you juggle two POP accounts for your personal mail. The first from your old provider, the second from your new provider. Not to mention webmail addresses used to complete online forms and receive news on the go. In both cases, an email notifier is needed. It will monitor your various mailboxes and notify you of the arrival of new mail. Only downside: you will not have the excuse of not being able to read a message on time!

ePrompter (freeware)

Manage the arrival of mail in mailboxes POP or webmail including AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo.


Ezpop (freeware)

French software to manage its accounts POP, Hotmail and Yahoo.


POP Peeper (freeware)

Be alerted of new mail on its POP3 accounts Hotmail, Yahoo and MSN.


Quickhead (freeware)

Email notifier for POP3 mailboxes and Hotmail.


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