Select repository: protect data from his personal assistant

Gone is the time when wizards harbored only a few names, addresses and phone numbers. Calendars and address books often serve to conceal the numbers and blue card codes, code of buildings, usernames and passwords for the Internet account in which his favorite online merchant. And when this is not the case, this information are likely to figure in Notepad. Bread blessed for any bad guy.

Fortunately the parade exists, thanks to password protection systems at power that integrate almost all the assistants today. Unfortunately, this is binding. The result is users do not activate the protection, or they considerably reduce the scope using a basic password, such as the traditional “0000”.

Some specialized software circumvent the obstacle by replacing the password by a sequence of buttons ( “agenda” + “Up” + “Down” + “Address Book”) or icons to hit the screen with the pen ( “home” + “coffee” + “table” + “chair”). Others simply offer to encrypt data. The quality of technical solutions varies. This ranges from simple memo coded mini database manager 128 bit encryption data.


CodeWallet Pro (3.5)

Store its information safe in its PocketPC.


Microsoft 128-bit Encryption Pack for Pocket PCs

Use the best security available.


PDA Defense standard for PocketPC

Protect PDA blocking access with a password.


SafeGuard PDA Personal Edition (1.0)

Protect access to its PocketPC and its data.



Commander Lite (1.46)

Protect sensitive data on your Palm.



Keep her well protected on your Palm data.


Easy Lock (3.1)

Turn your Palm without entering each time password.


PDA Defense Standard (2.02)

Protect data on Palm.


Quick ID (1.15)

Its store sensitive information in a secure area of ​​the Palm.


Secret! (3.0)

Secure your Palm.