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They exist, but they are not always easy to find: this website explains hidden Facebook features.

M ore than 2 billion people worldwide use social networks – alone on Facebook spend more than 200 million people daily hours. In Germany use according to the ARD / ZDF Online Study 2015 about 24 million people platforms like the popular social network. Ascending trend! For years, the team developed by Mark Zuckerberg continued the offer and building a new features, one of which you never hear anything – and perhaps should not hear. Did you know for example, that can actively influence the sorting your wall? Maybe you also unaware that Facebook saves your locations may or you may later unsubscribe from other computers, if you have ever forgotten to logout. The best secret tricks of this website, refer to the following gallery.

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Tools for Facebook

Of course in addition to the secret features numerous tools for your PC or the browser that make your Facebook even more individual. Whether new features, automatic removal of the chronicle or an indication of contacts who you terminated the virtual friendship – with these tools you have the network always under control!

improve Social Network: Useful Facebook Tools

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