Search: Google adds handwriting recognition

The mobile edition of Google’s search engine is enriched with a new handwriting recognition mechanism.

To facilitate the entry of a query on a search engine from a smartphone, Google multiplies input methods. So besides the virtual keyboard, you can use voice recognition or rest on Goggles technology by taking a picture with the camera. Now the mobile user can write his keywords fingertip.

The engineer Rui Ueyama explains that handwriting recognition is especially useful when “you are in the corner of a busy street or in a taxi somewhat agitated.” Rather than seeking small keys of the virtual keyboard, the mobile user will have the entire surface of the screen to trace the finger the letters of his application to be converted in the form of suggestions and lined system.

To activate this mechanism, it will go over the options of from a terminal on iOS 5+, an Android smartphone or tablet on 2.3+ Ice Cream Sandwich. Find below a video presentation

Edited on 27/07/2012 at 8:35

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