Seagate Pocket Hard Drive: Test and Review

Do not judge a book by its cover. A hard disk can thus be “fun”. Thus, the Seagate Pocket Hard Drive is a high-tech gadget to the fun design. Its USB cable is wound around its spherical base as would the thread of a yo-yo. It would be a shame to use that. The Pocket Hard Drive is indeed a mini external hard drive of one inch (2.54 cm) USB 2.0 that slips easily into a pocket.

Its storage capacity of 5GB allows it to store 1000 MP3 files or 7 DivX movies. USB Flash Drives based no longer have to get dressed … Considering the cost per megabyte, the Seagate product takes advantage. Then find a USB memory over 4GB in dealers rays is not a foregone conclusion.

Regarding performance, Flash Drives show the advantage when reading data. When copying information to a computer, the average flows recorded for large files are 7 MB / s for the Pocket Hard Drive. . A USB 2GB performance as the Datatraveler Elite Kingston instead the much higher bar to 21 MB / s in writing, performance is similar: 8MB / s to the hard MiniDisc against Seagate 8.5 MB / s for this key signed Kingston.

In addition to the USB, DVD burners do not really weight. This is a recent writer such as Pioneer DVR-108 offers a rate of 5 MB / s when copying DVD rewritable to 4x speed. Briefly put 4.3 GB of data takes 8 minutes with this mini-disc, against 15 minutes with a burner.

In addition, it is easier to copy data with the Pocket Hard Drive with a burner. It is as simple to use as a USB key. This record is automatically recognized as a removable storage device on any PC and Mac, recent or old a few years. A simple drag & drop is enough to copy documents to and from the Seagate product. A software toolkit unpretentious accompanies to turn it into a bootable disk, split into two partitions or protect its contents by password.

Those wishing to adopt will benefit both from an object original design, the average flow rates, compact and easy to use. What do some jealous. And given its capacity of 5 GB, nothing prevents its owner to use it as USB memory and home storage solution. See the video