Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex: four-terabyte hard drive with USB 3.0

In the front LEDs are integrated, indicating the used memory amount in 25-percent increments.

HDD superlative

With four terabyte capacity, the Seagate hard drive offers lots of space. So it takes around 160 Blu-rays (single-layer, 25GB) on or archived over 800 DVDs (single-layer, 4.7GB). This makes data backups vonstattengeht afloat, the manufacturer of the FreeAgent donated a USB 3.0 socket. They shoveled theoretically up to five gigabits per second to the mass storage. The part costs in Seagate’s online store around 177 euros, backup and encryption software there on top.

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Three and two-terabyte models

More models, less memory

Who does not want quite as deep into their pockets for the offers Seagate models with one, two and three terabytes of storage volume (price: converted from 78-142 euros), they are available with USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 interface and an adapter with Firewire 800 socket. Factory a Mac driver is installed, so the FreeAgent GoFlex is available on Apple computers. (Fs)