Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim: test and review

The new Backup Plus Ultra Slim Seagate is a thinner, faster version of Backup Plus Slim that we tested in 2014. In the end, we have a much more valuable commodity than its big brother, including through the Seagate Dashboard which not only saves the data to a hard drive, but also those of a mobile terminal and the social networks Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. We have no problems with this software, but point out that we have tested the Windows version. The product also comes with 200 GB of online storage on Microsoft onedrive for two years. Windows users will have 10 interest in using the integrated backup utility that avoids installing any other software.

Although it is equipped with USB 3.0 connectivity for fast enough data transfer, we have still been disappointed by the lack of USB-C. This means that although it is available in golden and silver colors as the latest MacBook, this drive will not work with the latest cell Apple who has only one USB port-C.

The portability of this drive makes it an ideal companion for all laptops, including other MacBook models classic USB. The device runs directly without setup and it comes with a USB 3.0 cable. However, it will reformat to use it with any model of Mac, laptop or desktop.

The Backup Plus Ultra Slim is available in 1 TB and 110 euros version 2 TB to 170 euros. This is price quite attractive for this kind of portable products.

And for those working on a desktop computer, we recommend instead the Backup Plus Hub. It is not as transportable and it costs more, but it has several USB 3.0 ports and a capacity of up to 8TB.

But for regular travelers, the Backup Plus Ultra Slim is really a great choice both for its performance than its very compact design. However, if you do not run after the finesse and velocity, note that the Backup Plus Slim and My Passport Ultra Western Digital are excellent alternatives.