Sandy Bridge: Intel has problems with new processors

The Sandy Bridge Intel processors can cause problems.

Which component is affected?

Intel speaks of a “design problem” with the chipsets of the “Intel 6 Series”, also called “Cougar Point”. This is not about the processor, but the motherboard. It supports the calculation engine, for example by organizing the data transfer devices and drives such as the hard disk. The chipsets in question are installed in systems with the latest quad-core processor, the code-named “Sandy Bridge”.

What can happen?

About possible consequences, Intel expressed initially very cautious. In some cases, the performance of the SATA ports could “over time” deteriorate and increase the error rate. SATA ports are interfaces that connect to the user devices such as hard disk drives or DVD drives.

Can I use the computer for?

First of yes, appeased the manufacturer. It is unlikely that immediate experience problems, the magazine quotes “PC World” Intel Manager Steve Smith. Only if “aggressive data transfers” there could be more mistakes in time.

Processor ranking to 2012 (old test method)

21 processors

CPU hitlist

How do I check my computer?

The delivery of the faulty components started on 9 January. Who bought his PC before, so is not affected. Who has bought the device later, should contact the computer dealer or manufacturer advises Intel.

How do I get an error-free chip?

Intel has announced to replace the faulty components. As the timing in detail, the chip giant is currently clarifying with the equipment manufacturers. The company anticipates that the delivery end of February begins and is completed in April 2011th

Chip problem with Intel: So the producers help their customers (continuously updated)

mySN Schenker

At Schenker Notebook Models “XMG A501”, “XMG P501” and “XMG P701” are affected by the problem. The error affects the SATA-2 interfaces of what P501 / P701 in addition to e-SATA interfaces are driven in the XMG A501’s optical drive and in the devices XMG. The hard drives and SSDs in all models, and the e-SATA port in the XMG A501 run through the SATA-3 ports, they are therefore not affected.

It can lead to a progressive deterioration of the performance in the transmission of data from the optical drive and the e-SATA interface on some devices within 36 months. In extreme cases, the drive or a connected via the e-SATA port device is no longer recognized.

The reworked motherboards are probably in April 2011. Schenker awarded via hotline (telephone number: 0341-246704-0) and email ( immediately complaint numbers for free pickup / sending and exchange of appropriate motherboards. The manufacturer operates exchanges in order of incoming complaints from to allow a short lead time, and endeavor to carry out any repairs within 48 hours.

Customers who ordered one of the aforementioned notebook and wait for the goods, have the opportunity to stop the delivery and to wait for the new merchandise in April, to cancel the order or to have it delivered the notebook with the clear commitment from now , in April again to swap motherboards.


MSI stopped the sale of all products that may be affected by the error, and pulls back the goods from the market. The afflicted with the problem devices include the gaming notebook “GT680”, more notebooks are currently not affected. For motherboards individual copies of the new models with Intel’s “P67” can – or “H67” chipset (Socket 1155) affected. If problems with the operation of mass storage devices such as SATA hard drives or optical drives occur in the above products, MSI offers help: Use the special e-mail address “” report this problem.

At the latest from April (then Intel delivers an enhanced version of) provides for MSI products already sold the exchange via the dealer in a corresponding new model. Already delivered P67- and H67 motherboards have transitional USING unrestricted, as long as the affected interfaces are not used. For all P67 and H67 motherboards MSI marks the faster backward compatible SATA 3 interfaces of the Intel chipset and the additional ports SATA chips as Marvell in White – these connections are not affected by the possible errors. As a temporary solution MSI recommends the owners of P67- and H67 motherboards, therefore, to use only the SATA interfaces in white color until the replacement products are available.


The Korean hardware manufacturer claims to have in Germany no devices shipped that are affected by the problem – and does it well.


Even Sony has delivered no computers that are affected by the Intel problem.


Since Medion has announced the first Sandy Bridge computer at a later date, are no devices of this manufacturer in the trade, which could have the problem.


According to Dell, the computer models are affected by the problem Dell “XPS 8300”, “Vostro 460”, “Alienware M17x R.3” and “Alienware Aurora R.3”. The manufacturer takes from April 2011 with these devices under warranty, repairs are free corresponding prior, detailed information on the conduct to follow shortly. Alternatively it is possible to return the Dell device (contact for this customer).


Acer wants as quickly as possible to ensure that customers “no harm by the problems in the Intel components arises” (quote from the official press release). Distribution and sale of Acer devices with Sandy Bridge have been suspended until further notice. Additional information (such as a product recall) are to follow.


Asus exchanges notebooks and motherboards, which are affected by the Sandy Bridge Problem. Clients turn to the German manufacturer hotlines

Motherboard: 01805 010923

Notebooks: 01805 010920

“This Asus devices are affected


Fujitsu claims to have been sold not affected computer in Germany.


To date are of this producer had no information regarding a product recall in Germany.

Are many clients affected?

Intel says that very few customers were affected, but does not mention exact figures. 700 million US dollars (equivalent to about 509.25 million euros) are scheduled to bring the production back on track and to repair already delivered computer.

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