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Samsung televisions include this country’s most popular TV sets – but which one is right? this website helps!

T V-producers there are many – one of the most successful: Samsung. The South Korean company makes every year new models that interest does not break: At present, the price Portal idealo than 300 models list. From the handy 80-centimeter unit to Boliden with about 2 meters large screen, spartan or luxurious with various extras, hardly a wish unfulfilled – most of after a transparent model overview. No problem: The following table shows all current models of the K-Series in 2016, the most important key data and the currently best online retailers

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Samsung K5000 series: The Beginner

Samsung’s full HD beginners class will begin with the 5000 series. The least provide full HD resolution and built-in receiver for cable, satellite and antenna, already the cheapest unit is prepared for the already started in conurbations HD reception via antenna (DVB-T2). In addition brings about the K5579 via wireless and network connection TV reports from media libraries and movies streaming providers such as Netflix on the screen. With the K5659, take the TV guide on request even on an external hard drive.

Decoded: In Samsung’s product number put the most important information. UE indicates that the TV has an LCD panel, the number second the screen size in inches. The letter K refers to the year 2016. KU stands for 4K TVs, KS for SUHD devices. The rear number and a variety of amenities.

Samsung K6000: middle class with 4K

When technically it settled 6-series Samsung has recognized the red pencil. Instead of four HDMI ports for external playback devices such as game consoles and Blu-ray players are there in the series 6 only three, instead of three USB inputs only two. A low-cost entry into the 6-series offers the K6379 with Domed Full HD screen – which is the main difference to the otherwise almost identical equipped K5579.

No keys grave more: From the series KU6409 sets the new Samsung Smart Control remote with radically reduced number of keys at.

All of the following models of Samsung have screens with ultra-HD resolution. That is four times as many pixels as the usual full HD devices. This brings in HD movies, not details, but with very large devices a clearer picture because no pixel grid is visible. For the smallest image sizes between 40 and 43 inches (102 and 111 feet) brings however nothing. By KU6079 entry succeed in the UHD class. The next best model KU6409 advertises richer colors thanks to Active Crystal Color technology. to special phosphor LEDs that bring the TV picture to the lighting Behind this flowery name. This technique also offer other manufacturers, but at higher prices. KU6509 as there is the same technique with Curved display, as KU6519 with bent display and a white frame. The three 6 Series models from KU6409 a new remote control is one of only a handful of buttons. Together with the new parent menu of the Tizen operating system is designed to simplify the operation. Only three steps to the favorite program are needed – regardless of whether that comes on a television channel or a streaming provider. The Samsung promises.

Samsung K7000: Multicolor Quantum Dots

From the 7 series speaks of Samsung SUHD TVs. These are devices with ultra-HD resolution and particularly light and color strong image. Samsung promises a maximum brightness of 1,000 candelas per square meter (nits) and a blaze of color as in good digital cinemas – the SUHD models are consistently HDR-capable and therefore carry the Ultra-HD Premium logo. For extended color palette called quantum dots provide the screen fluoroscopy. The translated the blue backlight on the display part in red and green light in order, so that a very broad-band white is in the blend with rich colors. Double TV receivers have the 7 Series models as opposed to JU7090 from 2015 but no longer. Samsung also saves the 3D function – as with all other 2016er models also. Besides the KS7090 with a flat screen Samsung offers the KS7590 with Curved Display. Surcharge for bending: depending on the image size to 200 euros.

Samsung is campaigning for SUHD models with the “Boundless design”, ie with the extremely narrow framework. Very chic.

K8000- and K9000 series: SUHD luxury

Double receiver built Samsung into the KS8090 and KS9090 models. In addition, the screen technology is improved over the 7s in detail. The KS8090 is plan that bent KS9090. Positioned above it are the two flagships KS9590 and KS9890. Its special feature is the so-called local dimming: The screen candling does not radiate as cheaper models equally bright behind the entire screen, but only there at full speed, where the image should be bright indeed. In other areas, the backlight keeps back. This is a further expansion in contrast with better fine detail possible especially in dark image lines. While there are all SUHD models in different sizes, Samsung is building the flagship UE88KS9890 exclusively with 123 centimeter widescreen.

The best TV with 4K resolution

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