Samsung: microSD with 256 GB memory

On the tiny memory card is full HD videos can pass with a total length of 33 hours.

S amsung Electronics announces a microSD card with extremely much space. The EVO Plus 256GB is designed for fast smartphones and tablets, cameras with 360 degree function Actioncams and drones. The 256 gigabyte volume capacity allows to record twelve hours of video in Ultra HD resolution. Alternatively, fit up to 33 hours of conventional Full-HD videos on the tiny.

SD memory card test: 32- and 64-gigabyte models

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V-NAND for more pace

Thus the exchange of memory cards in the camera or cell phone should only be rarely necessary. Samsung installed on the EVO Plus 256GB new V-NAND memory. The read speed is the manufacturer with 95 MB per second, while writing the card comes to 90 MB per second.

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Price: 1 euro per GB

Samsung provides its EVO Plus 256GB microSD along with a ten-year guarantee in more than 50 countries, also in Europe. Commercially the map from June 2016 to be available, the price is 250 US dollars (about 220 euros).