Rollei: Mini Crane M1

Camera movements like the professionals succeed with the Mini Crane M1 from Rollei.

T he Rollei Mini Crane M1 makes your shots literally for large rotation. Like the giraffe known by professional filming sits the camera at one end of a cantilever. This is equipped with a parallel guide, so that the camera retains its horizontal orientation for all pans. At the rear end enables the jib with counterweights or the Rollei Waterbag austarieren W-1. With this camera crane tripod you realize super smooth panning and tracking shots because your camera floats virtually on the floor.

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With its lifting capacity of 5 kilograms, the Rollei Giraffe is also suitable for a professional DSLR with long lenses and other accessories that can be attached to the camera crane in eight quarter-inch threaded holes in the side plates of the forks. So you are perfectly equipped with the Rollei Mini Crane M1 for professional photography and video shooting.