rFactor 2: The best mods games

With the “rFactor 2” mod Ferrari Challenge install a load of sports cars from Maranello!

W hen “rFactor 2” purchasers have a wish free, then they would like well that developer ISI publishes more cars and tracks for excellent racing sim. Whether that ever happened to any significant extent? Unlikely! Basically “rFactor 2” exactly like its predecessor a platform that further use other developers and is very well suited for mods. And that’s why the fun with the race simulation of ISI hears never on: After a slow start, the Mod scene has spawned many interesting routes, plug-ins and cars that are free to download.

Mod Downloads: Nordschleife and F1 2015

In the gallery you will this website games the best mods for “rFactor 2” before! Of course, since the Nordschleife and F1 2015 may not be missing. Installing is not difficult: If you own the Steam version of the game, you need at the corresponding modification in the Steam Workshop just click on Subscribe and already it is loaded into the simulation. For all other mods does the installation as follows: First, copy the downloaded rfcmp file in the installation directory in the subfolder Packages, then start the launcher of “rFactor 2” and activate the desired mods.

rFactor 2: The best mods

17 mods

Mods to rFactor 2

Released “rFactor 2”: November 18, 2015 Steam.